BSS is committed to providing

exceptional service to districts

and schools, responsive to

clients' needs, and familiar

with all aspects of school



•    Assisting in monthly reconciliation of all financial records and accounts to budget reports and bank statements.


    •    Monitoring the apportionment of local, state and federal funds.

•    Developing and recommending procedures for the collection and deposit of all other funds.


    •    Assisting in all tax and other reporting relating to payroll, including but not limited to forms   W-2, 1099, 941, state unemployment and workers' compensation.

Business Services Solutions LLC. is a professional management organization that specializes in providing business, personnel and financial services to schools throughout Arizona.

    •    Managing financial records in compliance with USFR and GAAP.


BSS offers a comprehensive package of financial and business services that include:

    •    Assisting school staff in the development and implementation of internal records procedures.

Call: (928) 634-7693

    •    Assisting in development of budget within Governing Board and ADE/USFR guidelines.     •    On site visits scheduled as needed during contract period.

Web: www.bssarizona.com

  •    Preparing and filing budgets and required reports to state standards and deadlines.

   •    Assisting and working with outside auditors.

Fax: (928) 634-1036

    •    Providing a program of accounting to comply with state and federal guidelines and provide internal auditing of accounting records.

    •    Advising on matters regarding Auxiliary Operations and Student Activities.  
   •    Advising and assisting in the development of RFPs as requested by the district.